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Easiest way to speed up HTML/CSS coding time

Posted by Unknown 31 January 2014

Do you know the easiest way to speed up your HTML and CSS coding time? If you are a web developer and have work pressure, you definitely need to know the fastest way of coding. You have to write code correctly too. Most of web developer use notepad++ as their text editor. To speed up your HTML/CSS coding time today I am going to share a easy way to add Zen-Coding Plugin in Notepad++ text editor  this amazing speed up your codig time

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You can See a video tutorial to enabling zen code plugin in notepad++

Or just follow the instructions below,

1.    Download the latest version of notepad++ from here and install it.

2.    Now download zen-coding plugin

3.    After downloading zen-coding plugin, unzip the folder, copy all files.
4.    Go to C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plug-in and paste all files here.
5.    It’s done.
You can check now, open notepad++ and type html:5  then  press ctrl+E you will see it will open a html 5 document.

I think this is an amazing tips who don’t know how to speedup HTML and CSS coding time. You can download a pdf file to get all zen-coding shortcut lists and then can implement easily.
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