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Do you have a High pagerank dofollow blog? If you have, then you can get huge traffic and lots of comments very easily, but the main fact is you need to more concern to prevent spammers. For this you can  add a secure commenting system in your blog. If you have blogger blog, you can add thirty party  commenting system like Disqus, Intense Debate, Facebook Commenting System  etc. By default many free blogspot templates  has nofollow commenting system but you can change your blog  nofollow to dofollow with a quick and simple html editing.
Do Follow

How to make your  blogger blog as High pagerank dofollow blog

To change you nofollow blogger blog  to dofollow is quite simple, just need to edit html in blogger dashboard,
Let's Start,
 1. Login your  Blogger account to go to Dashboard.
 2.Click on Design , Then Edit Html
 3. Take a backup for you template, to do that, click on Download Full Template link under the Backup / Restore Template line.
4 Check the little check box for Expand Widgets.
5. Now hit (ctrl+F) from you keybord and search for following  line

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a> 

6. That' it, Just  change nofollow as dofollow.
7. See the Preview at first. Click Preview button at the bottom.
8. If Everything is ok, then clcik on Save Template button

When visitor comes to your blog and read some interesting , they would like to leave a comment about that writing, and also want to get a little bit benefit , so give them a chance to get a link.You will also get huge benefits to do that, Because this is the simple Formula ,

 High pagerank dofollow blogs=More Visitor+More comments

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