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How to Install Free or Premium WordPress Theme

Posted by Unknown 17 September 2011

Are you a WordPress newbie? Just Install WordPress to your GoDaddy hosting or other? After Installing Wordpress, you saw, a default theme already has as your home page, but it looks quite unappealing to 
you. You think that, you definitely need to change that theme as it doesn’t match with your requirements.

This is a tutorial to teach any beginner that how to install any free or Premium WordPress theme. I assumed that you already have installed Wordpress to your host and able to login your WP control panel. I would like to give here step by step directions about to change the default theme and install new one.
Premium WordPress Theme
Step 1: Choose and Download free or Premium WordPress theme

There have lots of free and Premium WordPress theme available at internet and anyone can easily get download and use them. So this is 
your first job, to download a theme to your hard drive; Pick up the 
theme which one you like best. Before downloading, it’s better to 
check the demo to see how exactly it will look like on your actual site
as whether it is competent enough to meet your target with its layout, color combination and other features.

Step 2: Choose multiple Theme and Extract them to your local

 Just follow simple rules to put in order everything to your PC, First, make a folder and name it WordPress. Create another folder with the name of Theme; place it inside of WordPress folder. After create all those folder put your file into the theme folder. Extract all. It’s better to choose multiple themes to download and place all of them in that folder. It’s because you can get more chances to choose the best one.

You can download or buy free or Premium WordPress Theme from the sites below-

Step 3: Upload the theme to WordPress directory

Now just login to hosting control panel, go to File Manager, Upload all unzipped folders to this root-
For Example, navigate to-

->yourwebsite folder
-> wp-admin
                  -> sample (default theme)
                   ->classic (default theme)
                    ->new theme(have to upload your new theme folder here)

File manager has take so long time to upload the entire folder as I doesn’t recommend you to use this.
You can use any FTP Application to upload your themes as it is quite simple then prior process. I am
using FileZilla here. So login to FileZilla account, on the local side,
navigate down to find the unzipped theme folder and on the server side navigate to the path (describe before) where to upload your new theme.  Just pick up the folder from local server side and drug it to the remote server side. The uploading process starts immediately. When it finishes uploading follow the next step.

Read the latest Free or Premium WordPress Theme release news from

Step 4: Login you WordPress Admin Panel and activate the theme.

Login to your WordPress Admin Panel and navigate to Appearance->Theme, Here you can see your
recent uploaded theme as listed with thumbnail screenshot and other related information. You will be able 
to see the preview before activate any theme. Click Activate button to Active it and see your Site's new
look, you can activate all other themes as the same process to see which one suits well.
However it doesn’t make you so happy I think, because it shows empty space. Don’t Worry though, 
Start Posting and fill you site to valuable content with eye catching images and other resources.

Well, that’s the whole process, and it wasn’t so hard to understand, was it? WordPress is a very 
user friendly CMS and make everything as simple as anybody like to use it. Just Download 
free or premium WordPress theme and install it and start your work. 

Please feel free to ask me if you still need any support, or you can join ITCourse Forum for further 
assistance. You can leave a comment to express yourself whether you like this tutorial or not.

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