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JAVA Programming-Install JDK

Posted by Unknown 18 June 2010

In previous tutorial Java Programming-Download JDK ,we learn how to download java from we learn how to install java on our PC and make a environment to practice java programming.
Sooo.. Let's Start---
1.Click on the "jdk-6u20-windows-i586" file which you placed on Desktop. 

Figure:1 on Accept Button as figure 2.

3.Click Next

4.Now Installing java.....


5.See figure 5-Click Change button and change your directory to C:\Program Files\


6.Click Finish button. Now Our Installation is complete.


7.Let's click on Start->Run or (Windows key+R),then write  cmd , Press enter.
If you can't this, then click Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt
A black window will appear just like figure7.Write javac and click enter.


8.If you see a window as like as figure 8 then OK, otherwise we have to do some more work.

9.Click My Computer->C drive ->Program Files->Java->jdk1.6.0_20->bin. now simply copy the URL
10.Click Control Panel->System and Security->System. Then Click on Advanced System Settings as like figure 9.A System Properties Dialogue Box will appear.Click Environment Variables.
11.You can see that a new dialogue box " Environment Variables"  will open

12.In "variable name" input fields write path and "Variable value"input field's, just paste the URL you copied in step 9.Press OK.


Yes everything is OK now.Just repeat step 8 ,write javac on that black screen and see that your screen now as same as figure 9.
Our PC is ready for working, In next tutorial , I will show you how to write a very basic java program,  how to save , compile and run it .
If you fell any trouble to following this tutorial you  just inform me by comments.

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