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JAVA Programming-Download JDK

Posted by Unknown 18 June 2010

1.Go to the website
2.Then Java home page will appear.Click on Download ->Java SE  as like as figure:1


3. A new page will open.On the very top, Click on the red button "Download "JDK" which is placed on left side of  JDK 6 Update 20(JDKor JRE) or simply follow the red arrow of figure 2


4.Now , a new window will appear , Here--select Windows as Platform , and click the check box to do un check as I do on figure 3.After that click on Download button.


5.A small window will appear here.Simply Click on "Skip the Step".just like figure 4


 6.In very soon  a download window will appear.Click on "save file" .if this window does not appear then click there as I shown in figure5


7.After completion of Download, a page will appear just like figure 6. click on the blue section ,then click on the right button of your mouse ,then click "Open Containing Folder".


8.when a new window open ,see carefully, in the bottom you can see your "jdk-6u20-windows-i586" file ,click on it,then right click on your mouse and cut this file.


9.Just paste the file on Desktop or where you want to keep this file.


OK ! We finished our download. Now we have to Install Java and configure it.

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