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Basics of Computing & Communications

Posted by Unknown 06 June 2010

The world of Computer Science & Engineering  is very wide and have lots of things to explore.Basics of Computing & Communication is a very fundamental course of CSE. It serves all of the core Knowledge of Computing , not only the basics-that what is a computer? What it do or How it works?..It also focuses on all perticulars --Analysis, Design and Architecture , Nerworking system, Hardware , Programming languages,The development of Software System , Manufacturing Computer Component  etc.

In this Course student will also learn about -------
1. The history of the Computer System and Technology.
2. The architecture of the Modern Computers and Network Technology & devices.
3. Get a basic knowledge about the common and widely used Programming Languages.
4. Learn about the most time-honored database Technology.
Online Resources:

A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science

AUTHOR:David Reed, Department of Computer Science, Creighton University, Omaha
ISBN : 013046709X
Pages : 400
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Publication Date : 2004

Computer Organization & design 

AUTHOR:David A.Patterson , John L. Hennessy
ISBN: 9780123744937
Publisher: Elservier Science & Technology
Edition:4th Revised edition

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