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The text 'A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science' is a unique representation.It touches all relevant basic concepts and issues of computing which is very important for any beginner.
The text covers 16 I give you a short description about this book,because I think that it is important to know which chapter needs extra care before starting.

I simply divided these chapter into four group-
1.The Basic of Computer and Internet
Chapter1:Computer Basics
Chapter3:The Internet and the web
Chapter6:History of Computers
Chapter10:Computer Science as a discipline

2.The Introductory Knowledge of Hardware
Chapter14: Inside the computer
Chapter16:Inside the computer-Transistor and Integrated circuits.

3.Introduction of web developing
chapter2:HTML and Web pages
chapter4: JavaScript and Dynamic Web pages
chapter5:JavaScript Number and Expressions
chapter7:Event-Drive Pages
chapter15:JavaScript Strings

4.Algorithms and Basic Programming
chapter8:Algorithm and Programming Language
chapter9:Abstraction and User-Defined Function
chapter11:Conditional Execution
chapter12:Data Representation
chapter13:Conditional Repetition

In my opinion ,you have to give more care on section 3 and 4.The author describe here about several programming language , Algorithms, data structure etc.In later you also learn a lot about this topic ,you may do a full course ..but here you can learn the fundamental  of  computing.

At last,I want to say that, |I love this book and highly recommended you to read this and obviously entered carefully on the depth of most important chapters.

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